“The Seven Deadly Sins have walked among you since the dawn of time.

You can feel them when you lust for gold, flesh, or blood.

Every seven centuries the Sins and their immortal enemies, the Virtues, wage an invisible war upon the Earth.

The victor leads mankind into a bright age of Enlightenment and discovery, or a Dark Age of ignorance and despair.

The age of virtue that began with the Renaissance now draws to a close.

So begins the battle for the next epoch.

And, as it has always been, the war will not be waged with swords and shields, armies of men, or weapons of fire and destruction.

The Sins and the Virtues choose a single mortal pawn, precariously balanced between the light and the dark.

Armed only with the divine gift of Free Will, she stands between Heaven and Hell, alone in the City of Angels.

Pray for Allison Dumond.

For her fate is your destiny.” 

sYn is a one hour supernatural crime thriller set in modern day Los Angeles.



Grant Boucher 

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