Action / 85 min / 2001
Preview Trailer

Starring: Christopher Templeton   Rus Blackwell   Steve DuMouchel
Written by: Pete Bauer & Jenni Gold
Produced by: Jeff Maynard   Directed by: Jenni Gold

In a thrill ride that features exciting and never-before-seen stunts, Christopher Templeton (Young and the Restless, Hill Street Blues, Fraiser) stars as Samantha "Sam" Martin, a CIA special agent who is determined to continue her career after she is injured in the line of duty. When Sam discovers a chemical weapons conspiracy that threatens the United States she has only one option - assemble a ragtag team of specialists and embark on an impossible and deadly mission. Triumphing over her physical limitations, Sam proves that she is READY WIILING AND ABLE to eliminate this global terrorist threat.

This fast-paced independently produced action thriller, by award-winning director Jenni Gold, has enjoyed sold-out screenings and has been honored at film festivals across the United States and Europe.

    - First Place “Sunshine Celluloid” award (Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival)
    - Opening Film (Hermosa Beach Film Festival)
    - Closing Film (Dances With Films Festival)
    - Opening Film (London Disability Film Festival)
    - Finalist (California Governor's Media Access Awards)
    - Screening (GAGA - Berlin, Germany Film Festival)

Panic/Now Showing READY, WILLING & ABLE - Music Video
Music Video / 4 min / 2001
Van Gogh & United Crew Films

Produced by: Robby Heisner and Jenni Gold

Drama / 30 min / 1992
Preview Trailer
Starring: Talmadge Lowe & Maria Tonelli
Executive Produced by: Jeff Maynard
Produced by: Lisa M. Hill & Jenni Gold
Directed by: Jenni Gold

Award-Winning NOW SHOWING is a captivating tale of a young man who loves the movies... too much. Unhappy with his life, Larry escapes by assuming the personas of characters he sees on the big screen. This is fine where romantic leading men are concerned, but when his date wants to go to a horror movie…there is trouble! The films within the film are shot in striking black and white as NOW SHOWING exquisitely combines drama, comedy, and horror.

    - Florida Film Festival's first place award
    - Alamo Film Competition first place award
    - Fort Lauderdale Film Festival first place award
    - Cleveland Film Society screening at the Cleveland International Film Festival
    - Certificate of Merit from the Suffolk County (N.Y.) Film Festival
    - U.S.A. Film Festival Finalist
    - Philadelphia Film Festival Finalist
    - Smoky Mountain Festival Finalist
    - Women In Film organization special screening

Panic/Now Showing PANIC
Drama / 10 min / 1991
Preview Trailer
Starring: Rus Blackwell & Bill Childers
Executive Produced by: Jeff Maynard
Produced by: Mary Kilgannon & Jenni Gold
Directed by: Jenni Gold

Panic was honored by the Academy of Televsion Arts and Sciences when it won a student Emmy Award. It is a compelling and visual story of a physically-challenged man who finds himself suddenly alone. Unable to move from his bed, his fears overwhelm him as he visualizes all that could go wrong.

    - EMMY from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences College Competition
    - Crystal Reel from the Florida Motion Picture & Television Association
    - Alamo Film Competition award
    - Fort Lauderdale Film Festival award


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